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Partners and Collaborators

    Current and Past partners are Given Below
  • District authorities such as Department of Agriculture,
  • District Rural Development Cell ( DRDC ),
  • Forest department, District planning department,
  • Education department etc.
  • NABARD, Jalpaiguri and Coochbehar
  • Ministry of labour department, GoI
  • North Bengal University
  • Panchayat Raj Institutions / Local governance
  • Rajiv Gandhi National Institute for Youth Development ( RGNIYD ), Tamil Nadu.
  • Uttar Banga Krishi Vishavidilaya ( North Bengal Agriculture Univerty ), Coochbehar
  • Vivekananda Institute of Bio-Technology ( VIB ), Nimpith
  • Government of West Bengal –for SHG strengthening
  • UNICEF, West Bengal
  • CASA, West Bengal
  • GOAL INDIA, West Bengal
  • Care India –West Bengal for livelihoods
  • Practica Foundation, Netherlands
  • Sahakarmi Samaj, West Nepal
  • University of Essex, UK
  • South China Agriculture University
  • Roskilde University, Denmark
  • ACIAR Australia through University of South Queensland and IWMI
  • IWMI, Nepal and Sri Lanka
  • ADMI(Adverse Development of Minor Irrigation)
  • CSIRO,Australia
  • Sight Saver ,West Bengal
  • European Union and University of Essex (UK)
  • Government of West Bengal-Navadisha under RSVY ,Planning Commission, Government of India,


  • Gert Jan Bom, IH Rehaman, DV Raalten, R. Mishra, FV Steenbergen “ Technology Innovation and Promotion in Practice” Pumps, Channel and Wells. ( Joint publication- PRACTICA, CDHI and TERI ).
  • Publication of Irrigation Management ( Sach Sathi )
  • Publication of six women and a pump.
  • Publication of “Wet Watershed Management Guide”.
  • Documentation on “ Livelihood framework”
  • Publication of “ Sisters in Arms”
  • Publication of Quarterly news bulletin “ Mahila Jagaran”
  • Publication of Quarterly magazine “ Prosphuton”
  • Publication of issue based IEC materials.
  • Manual on Pump Modification.
  • Manual on Bamboo filter for Irrigation
  • Mishra R, Majumdar S, Research and Documentation for Development Practitioners, 2012
  • Mishra R, Majumadr S, Ghsoh Mitali School Development Plan, CDHI, 2012
  • Documentation on “No more on the Fringe” CDHI, 2000
  • Mishra R, Majumdar S, Ghosh Mitali, Supporting community mobilization under RTE act 2009 by developing school development plan, 2012
  • Herwijnen A & Ray D “ Manual for Development of Shallow Tube Wells in Teari Region of West Bengal” September 1998”
  • Ray D & Herwijnen A “ The Modification of Shallow Tube well”, June 1999, Arnhem, Netherlands.
  • Ray D “ The Community Participation in Elementary Education” March 2006, Jalpaiguri.
  • The publication of periodical reports on cost effective “ Drinking Water Filter”
  • Ray D & Mishra R. “High Land aquatic Ecosystem services and Biodiversity” Buxa, Sep 2011.
  • Mishra R, Ray D & Sudgen F. “Livelihoods in Highland areas, Buxa, West Bengal” May 2011
  • Mishra R & Ray D “Institutions, Policy and Conflict, Buxa, West Bengal”, Sep 2011
  • Ray D & Mishra “Implementation and Monitoring strategy report agreed for IAPs” June 2012
  • Mishra R & Ray D “Integrated Action Plans ( IAPs), Buxa” West Bengal, Nov 2011
  • Malik RPS & Ray D “ Choice of Irrigation Technology: Opportunities and Constraints for Adoption of Agriculture Water Pumping Technologies by Small Farmers in Coochbehar District, India” September 2012.
  • Stuart W. Buntinga, Rajeshwar Mishrab, Kevin G. Smithc & Dhananjay Ray
  • Evaluating sustainable intensification and diversification options for agriculture-based livelihoods within an aquatic biodiversity conservation context in Buxa, West Bengal,India ( Published in International Journal for Agriculture, 2014 ).
  • Mishra R, Community Mobilization for Institution Building and Empowerment, 2014
  • Publication of “ Stantorer Jana Ajana” ( Manual on child protection ), June 2015.


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